I'm not a full-time consultant, but if I'm busy - or I think someone else could do it better -
I'll put you in touch with some great people in my network.






GetUp’s revenue grew 300% in my three years as National Director. That's because of my great team, but also because we pursued a solid overall fundraising strategy.

Most importantly, we diversified from unreliable one-off tactical donations to a large base of weekly givers, bequests, merchandise, and commission contributions from our energy-switching project.

I can help with: 

  • Strategy including new revenue streams
  • Training on copy, planning, and testing; 
  • Copywriting and editing everything from DM appeals to video scripts, and emails. 

My approach: 

  • Create content people want to see and share (like great video)
  • Engage supporters as more than donors
  • Respect supporters' ability and desire to understand strategy


I always found a fresh pair of eyes so much help on strategy. Whether it's campaigning, team structure, culture, or a start-up, I love working on planning and strategy. Get in touch if I can help - whether it's a review, a facilitated session, or just a coffee and brainstorm. 


As GetUp’s Communications Director and then National Director, I handled media moments like our High Court case, refugees surfing with Tony Abbott, and press conferences with three Prime Ministers. I've also navigated some hairy crises, front-page attack stories, and talkback brawls. So if you’re running a great campaign and you want help, or even a spokesperson, get in touch.

I'm not a full-time media consultant - I recommend Tony Douglas and EMC for that and much more.


I'm not a programmer, but I can help you find and manage some great ones. My experience: 

ControlShift Labs is the tech platform behind many of the world's best user-run campaign sites. I worked with the very talented Nathan Woodhull and Darren Loasby to start the platform in 2011, with the goal of making digital campaigning accessible to grassroots campaigns here and in the global South. Nathan and the team are doing an excellent job of that: check it out.  

GetUp's platform. In 2010, we realised that after five years of field bolt-ons, GetUp's web platform was precariously unstable. Our project to rebuild the site was running late and over-budget. As our Campaigns Director, I had no experience with tech project management, but I stepped in to get the project on track. I travelled to the US to research the best platforms around, and read everything I could about tech management and user-testing. Together with ThoughtWorks Australia, we produced a wold-leading campaigning platform and recovered costs by selling it around the world. I'm still no programmer, but if you're looking at building or revising your campaigning platform, I may be able to help plan your project out and find the right team. 

Other Consultants I recommend

Video – Peter Slee and the team at Motion Picture Company or Tom Maclachlan at Agency

Web – Murray and the team at Agency for small to mid-sized projects or Thoughtworks for large, global projects

Campaigning – Ed Coper in NY, Lily Spencer and many others (ask me)

Design – Roh Porteous at Agency

Research – Essential Media Communications or James at ReachTel

Media buying – Phil and the team at Benedictus Media

Media training - Tracey Spicer is fantastic