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    • Revving up 30,000-strong rallies
    • 1 hour live interview with Kevin Rudd PM from Kirribilli House
    • MC for City of Sydney City Talks
    • Keynotes on human rights, campaigning, democracy, social media, etc.
    • Workshops on media, technology
    • Guest-lectures for 5 universities
    • International keynotes in Berlin and London.





    Keynote for 1200 Australian Youth Climate Coalition volunteers at their PowerShift conference 2013. 

    What do you want to talk about?

    • Winning on social media
    • Building a movement
    • Winning campaigns
    • The GetUp story.
    • My personal story. I grew up in a very multicultural school and became a young activist because I didn’t understand why asylum seekers were locked in detention, while other immigrants were contributing so much. That drove me to drop out of my university degree at 19 and work on the campaign for GetUp in Bennelong that helped unseat John Howard. After 8 years at the organisation, I left as the National Director of GetUp, a $10m organisation with over 900,000 members and 50 staff. 
    • A new generation. How are young Australians working in new ways, and engaging in politics and employment? 
    • New forms of activism. Activism is evolving. Online activists these days are doing far more than petitions and rallies. They’re building power companies and switching to renewable energy. They’re crowd-funding court cases and even solar plants. What comes next? 

    1 hour interview with Kevin Rudd from Kiribilli House.

    Opening keynote for Museum of Australian Democracy.

    VibeWire's 5 minute lightning talks.